Sunrise, Sunset

5 participants, 5 cities, 5 “sunrises”, 5 “sunsets”, 1 day.  

Curated by Drew Broderick

We all know the sun never rises and never sets. 

And yet, 

The sun rises and sets once a day.
The sun rises and sets many times a day. 

Participants from various vantage points across the Earth were asked to take a picture at sunrise and again at sunset, to record the time of day each image was produced, and to complete the following:

“Beijing, I love you…”
“Tokyo, I love you…”
“Honolulu, I love you…”
“Los Angeles, I love you…”
“New York, I love you…”

This reeks of sentimentality, of romance, but still, there is always some beauty to be gleaned from the cliché … from watching the sun. 

While the context and content varies from city to city, image to image, the sun remains a constant, its light spanning space and time, joining friends, friends of friends, and complete strangers to each other, if only for a moment.  

The sun connects us all.  

“Good morning, I love you.