Out to Lunch

Everyone Loves Sandwiches!



We couldn't help but pick up two sandwiches here...

Croque Madame  $14

Talk about the most perfectly grilled ham and cheese sandwich topped with an egg. It’s a religious experience!

Chicken Sofrito  $14

Delicious jidori chicken on a baguette. A little pricey, but what a great place to impress business clients.

Lucky Belly

Karaage Chicken   $11

I’m pretty sure this sandwich has gotten a major overhaul from the chef because now there’s more chicken full of Hawai‘i flavors and a nice bed of salad on the side. Still tastes great when you order to-go!


The Pig & The Lady

Le Saigon Banh Mi  $12

Make sure you get a reservation because TP&TL is the hottest ticket for lunch and dinner. This banh mi has everything you’ve dreamed in a sandwich: pork belly, ham, pâté, and oh my goodness, it’s topped with an egg. 



Rosarina 16” Super Sub  $8

Look at this sandwich; it’s enormous! Definitely the most bang for your buck when it comes to deluxe sandwiches in Chinatown. This big guy has everything but the kitchen sink for only $8; great idea to share with your lunch date. (Pictured hasn’t been grilled, which is recommended for optimum tastiness.)