Five Questions with Hound & Quail


Naz Kawakami. Shop Dude.

1. What is your favorite thing about Chinatown?

The grime.

2. And your least favorite?

The grime.

3. If you could describe a "normal" day at work, what does that consist of?

Shooing away crackheads from my parking stall, seeing several of my friends throughout the day, giving up trying to figure out what that smell is, being thankful to work at a place as unique as Hound & Quail.

4. What places in Chinatown are your go-to for shopping? Food/drink?

Clothes shopping, probably the Salvation Army. Everything else I need is probably best bartered for in some small street stand type store. Gotta get those deals. Food & drink, I'm either at Proof Public House or the Lucky Belly Window. All about that Lucky Belly Window.

5. If Chinatown could be encapsulated in a drink, what would that drink be?

Probably a mixture of beer, rum, some CapriSun and a Chinese herbal garnish.

Grace Cruz