we got our shit together and made a new issue. 

and then we had a party.


photographs by Skye Yonamine and AJ Feducia



If you made it out last Friday, May 4th for the Chinatown Now Emulsion Issue release party, thanks - you the best. If you didn't make it down to one of our eleven parties, you missed out, man. There was art, photography, beer, wine, skating - all the components of a good time. We heard a lot of stories the next day about folks getting drunk, getting in trouble, and getting in/out of jail, so we must have done something right. 

However, great nights like that don't just happen on their own. It took a lot of planning, devotion, and a degree of reckless abandon to pull it off. There are too many people to thank (and probably a few to apologize to) for the funnest first friday in years, so with that in mind, we'd like you to know that you are appreciated. Additionally, we want to take a moment to recognize the venues that hosted our debauchery. Thank you (sorry). 






Encore Saloon

proof public house



next door

HOC center

Nella media group

Here's a quick photo recap of some of the action shot by AJ Feducia.

Look at all the stuff you missed.