the guilt of a thousand free beers and several broken windows has weighed on us
instead of being the destructive force at a party, we thought we’d try and throw one
if we are talking disco as music, it can be defined as a four-on-the-floor beat. which means you can safely use a four count to stay in rhythm and not look like a dancing fool
if we are talking disco as an era, imagery of glitter and indulgence dominate
their technical skills only barely qualified them as musicians, but their songs were fast and their lyrics were sharp, and then they screamed out their angst, i screamed along
Unity Crayons was a savior for a punk scene that has had a hard time digging into Honolulu’s Hawaiian contemporary
take this weekend for example. it was a marathon of gigs with three shows at two different venues in three days... she’s used to the hustle
The instant gratification of performing in front of a live audience was a high she couldn’t shake. Soon after, she caught the eye (or rather the ear) of the Chinatown scene.
Parties and gatherings aren’t all about dancing at nightclubs, getting drunk, hooking up, or doing drugs
It’s about joy and celebration and making good memories with the people you care about the most. It’s about bonding with your fellow human (or pet) and existing within that moment of collective catharsis