Art work by:

Alisha Mahone-Brooks // Mason valenzuela

Kyle Capacia // kalani largusa

tommy hite // taylor oishi


Motion pictures today are in its awkward teenage years. It's still figuring itself out - making mistakes, pushing boundaries, coming into its own. Cinema is the baby of the art world, having only been around for 150 years or so. Though it is still in its youth, a lot can be said for the art form's accomplishments. people aren't lining up to see fresh paintings like they're lining up to see new summer blockbusters and vampire romances; there's definitely something to be said for film's mass appeal and immediate acceptance. Even today, I've never heard of anybody adamantly saying that they don't like movies - nobody's ever uttered the phrase. "Fuck film! Damn those moving pictures straight to hell!" - people just love that shit. 

This in mind, artists are people, too. Thus, they are movie lovers. Someone once said "art influences art", or something like that, which is precisely what happened here. Six local artists/scribblers/cinephiles chose a movie or scene that meant something to them, and interpreted it in their own special way. One work of art became another, which will influence another, and so on, like an endless ring of creation and inspiration as the art community has been and always will be. 

But enough philosophy, here are some pretty pictures. 


"Frida" by Alisha Mahone-Brooks


"Lost in Translation" by Mason Valenzuela

"Place To Be" by Kalani Largusa

"Harry Potter" by Tommy Hite

"Under the Skin" by Kyle Capacia

"The Truman Show" by Taylor Oishi