• Downbeat Lounge (map)
  • 42 N. Hotel St
  • Honolulu

Shantytown - presented by Pressure Down Sounds and Rudies Hi-Fi

Pressure Down Sounds and Rudies Hi-Fi present Shantytown in Downbeat Lounge. Selecters play all-vinyl sets with the sounds of ska, rocksteady and dub reggae. 

21+ | No Cover

SHANTYTOWN “The first Jamaican recording studio opened in 1951 and recorded "mento" music, a fusion of European and African folk dance music. The island was awash in rhythm'n'blues records imported by the so called "sound systems", eccentric traveling dance-halls run by no less eccentric disc-jockeys such as Clement Dodd (the "Downbeat") and Duke Reid (the "Trojan"). The poor people of the Jamaican ghettos, who could not afford to hire a band for their parties, had to content themselves with these "sound systems". The "selectors", the Jamaican disc-jockeys who operated those sound systems, became the real entertainers. The selector would spin the records and would "toast" over them. The art of "toasting", that usually consisted in rhyming vocal patterns and soon evolved in social commentary, became as important as the music that was being played.” -Piero Scaruffi

Now, saying that Shantytown features the unambiguous selectors Pressure Down Sounds and Rudies hi-fi, only means that you should expect classic Jamaican rocksteady, skinhead reggae, and sprinklings of blue beat ska that night. Spinning strictly vinyls all night long, Pressure Down Sounds and Rudies hi-fi will talentedly select sets of songs to bless your ears, accompanied of some “Ow Ow Ow” and “BIIIIIG UP!” here and there, of course. Shantytown is a free show that will repeat each fourth Saturday of each month, for a monthly intake of rare old-school Reggae discovery.