• Downbeat Lounge (map)
  • 42 N. Hotel Street
  • Honolulu

Mike Love

Nationally acclaimed reggae-soul artist, Mike Love plays live on stage in Downbeat Lounge. Come experience the voice and rhythm that Jack Johnson declared "one of the most talented musicians I've ever played with."

21+ | No Cover

"My main musical influence came from my family and friends. I never really had any formal musical training, besides some piano lessons when I was young, so I really just learned from listening and watching. I was blessed to make music with so many talented musicians, and I really credit most of the skill and style that I’ve developed to that. I feel so lucky to have been raised in a musical family, growing up watching my Dad and Grandpa write songs, it really had a big impact on me. I watched people I knew around me making incredible music, and it amazed me. I thought to myself “I can do that!” Seeing them do it before my very eyes somehow made it tangible and possible. So here I am, doing my best to fulfill my dreams of being a professional musician. Somehow against all odds and the opinions of my high school counselors, I am successfully raising a family and paying my bills by playing my own original music. How amazing it feels! I can’t put it into words, but I thank the Creator every day for blessing me with this life immersed in music.