• Downbeat Lounge (map)
  • 42 N Hotel St
  • Honolulu, HI, 96817
  • United States

7 Pairs of Iron Shoes is comprised of singer guitarist Andrew J. Catanzariti (Big On Sleep, Bisco Mondal) bassist John David Nelson (Audio Poolside) and drummer Jack J. Tawil (The Hell Caminos, Linus), and will be releasing their new album in a show at Downbeat Diner & Lounge.

A bit more on 7 Pairs of Iron Shoes:
Chris Volk (Luzer,VEJJS).Catanzariti’s haunting Vocals leap out and frame the well-formed songs. Tawil attacks the drums with a lyrical intensity and braces the listener for both tender and epic moments.Volk's tasteful guitar and keyboard work adds a legitimate root to the blues and rock arrangements. As A self-styled country gentlemen, Nelsons bass work is often understated tethering the sound to firmament, Shaping both the rhythm and melody. Despite their personal inclinations influences the band remains more than the sum of its parts. The ending result pays homage to what most would consider classic, and what some might consider time proven. Seven Pairs of Iron Shoes is devoted to the good times to be had while playing honest original Rock and Roll Music.

For this album release show, three other Hawaii bands will be playing along: John Ridgeway/Charley Meyers (Bluegrass), and The Infamous Bourbon Boys (Bluegrass).