• Downbeat Lounge (map)
  • 42 N Hotel St
  • Honolulu, HI, 96817
  • United States

True Tone Tuesdays is a singer songwriter showcase featuring Hawaii's top acoustic music makers. Hosted by James McCarthy of Doolin Rakes, artists are curated for short sets allowing an intimate opportunity for listeners to hear some of their favorite musicians and singers reveal new material and established favorites. Next April 14 Truetone Tuesdays will be featuring Andy from 7 Pairs of Iron Shoes and James McCarthy, the father of Truetone Tuesdays.

Andy Seven Pairs.
Andrew J. Catanzariti (aka. Bisco Mondal, Andy Pairris, Lazy A) currently lives in Honolulu, HI. with his wife and two children, where he has worked since 2006 as an award-winning illustrator, singer/songwriter and day laborer. He performs regularly with his original rock band 7 Pairs of Iron Shoes whose eponymous album was released on April 2. His music has been featured in film, television, A.M./F.M. radio, and on cassette tape. " His band is proud to have opened for legendary composer Allen Toussaint, and beloved local performers, John Cruz, Tavana, and Discord and Rye.

James McCarthy.
The songs James composes run a gamut of styles - folk, Celtic, rag, jazz, gospel, old-timey, Western- with lyrics by turn hilarious, evocative, heart-rending, political, and just plain singable. James performs solo regularly at festivals and cafe settings. He grew his musical wings in what he calls the “campfire kitchen and backyard orchestra of the worlds spontoneously combusted get togethers’. That is clear from his resume which includes singing with Cajun bands, Renaissance Choirs, gamelan ensembless, African-American congregational ensembles, jug bands, rock band, jazz trios and a wide variety of folk outfits.The Philadelphia native has made Hawaii his home the last 15 years and in the process has become one of the best singer/songwriters, storytellers and actors in the state.