Featuring the best of Honolulu’s most innovative acoustic bands, the FREAK-FOLK SHOW at Downbeat Lounge showcases experimental, psychadelic, avant-garde, and just plain good ole foot-stompin music.

FREAK-FOLK is a notoriously elusive genre to define - artists as diverse as the Brooklyn avant-folk ensemble Grizzly Bear, the whimsically dark Devendra Barnhart, Baltimore noise-rock band Animal Collective, and even the eccentric balladeer Sufijan Stevens have been described by this genre.

Butter Side Down

Psych-folk jam-band Butter Side Down are a rowdy bunch of revellers who have been rockin’ the folk out of Honolulu since 2012. BSD is Jasper J. Milton (guitar/vocals), Liv Wheeler (flute/vocals), Kirsten Rosa (violin/vocals), Dan "the Mandolin" Fitzgerald (mandolin/vocals), Mark Alexander (guitar/bass/vocals), and Vince La Porta (drums/percussion).

Known for getting the crowd dancing on the bar tops, put on your party pants and come shake that work of art, Butter Side Down.

Lucie & The Perfect Wave

Local music legend John Cruz saw Michael Tanenbaum and Nick Gertsson performing at a Kailua coffee shop and described their sound as ‘the perfect wave’. The name stuck and when the duo invited Lucie Lynch onstage to improvise some lyrical flow to their textured guitar soundscapes, a new sound was born.

LTPW fuses delicious slack-key textures, searing electric guitar riffs and Lucie’s dynamic vocals to create something that sounds like like the musical lovechild of Joan Baez and Nuno Bettencourt.

Jumping Mouse
Banjoist Tyler Mongan is best known for his stint with the popular organic-soul-bluegrass hip-hop band The Intire Project, his new project is a collection of banjo inspired originals that touch the soul and move the feet.
April 15
$5 Cover

Downbeat Diner & Lounge