• Downbeat Lounge (map)
  • 42 North Hotel Street
  • Honolulu, HI, 96817
  • United States

DJ Jet Boy presents Kaleidoscope in Downbeat Lounge, a monthly showcase of Chinatown, Honolulu's indie music scene. This month features the electro pop group Alt/Air, the celestial folk of Magaphone Maggie and the pre-glam, proto-punk super-group Aunty Warhol & The Violent Underground.

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KALEIDOSCOPE is an indie music concept created by Josh86 and DJ Vagina in 2003, to showcase local bands that fall outside of the mainstream. The genres explored range from punk to soul to disco to folk. It helped build a scene with acts such as Linus the Band, The Malcognitas, Le Tenia, At Sea, Painted Highways, Gary Liu, Sabrina, DJ Jet Boy andmore

Vocalist Aly Ishikuni and DJ/Producer Brandon Udani met in 2006. They shared a love for Japanese electronic music and were greatly inspired by the mega pop duo, CAPSULE. Through AIM and gmail correspondence, Aly & Brandon exchanged their music ideas and communicated over the internet. This process continued for four years, until one day they finally decided to meet and work together at the Groundup Studio in 2010. It was decided on the day of their meeting that the two would join forces to become a real band. They named themselves ALT/AIR, taken from “Altair,” the brightest star in the constellation Aquila. Since their debut at the Kawaii Kon Anime Convention in 2010, Alt/Air has developed a large fan base in Hawaii, and their music took the local music scene by storm. They opened for numerous high caliber song artists and bands such as Aural Vampire, Owl City, Passion Pit, Classixx, Diplo, and Steve Aoki. 

Megaphone Maggie
Renaissance woman Magaphone Maggie conjures works of art with molten glass by day, battles giant invasive insects at night and finds time to make an impact on the Honolulu folk music scene with songs of natural and cosmic wonder.

Aunty Warhol & The Violent Underground
Containing members of No Ack, Trance Plant Patience, Serpico & The Sinners, and 7 Pairs of Iron Shoes, Aunty Warhol & The Violent Underground has the synergy of punk and murder-balladeer lyrics to provide the soundtrack to your nightlife as you take the scene in and add it up to the glory of love.